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Successful Woman

We have worked with 20,000+ women globally through our online movement and high impact programs.

“The Successful Woman” is a global movement that empowers aspiring women to grow their skills in business, create their dream lifestyle and contribute to the world in a truly meaningful way. 

We provide easy-to-use solutions, not readily available to accelerate your success in life! 

Because the fundamentals for success in life are generally not taught in mainstream schooling or Universities, our philosophy is to provide you with holistic proven principles and practical tools  to grow your Personal Success and Essential Entrepenurial Skills for Female Founders .

We understand that aspiring women come in many different shapes and sizes so whether you are seeking to grow your personal confidence or grow and scale your company we assist you to become a Successful Woman.

All women are born with the power to do amazing things in life and yet too many settle for mediocrity. Consider the following alarming statistics to see exactly what we mean:

  • Only 4% of women worldwide consider themselves to be beautiful.

  • Over 48% of female entrepreneurs feel a lack of appropriate mentors and advisors holds them and their business back. 


What makes us unique is that our programs are designed with a ‘Principle’ and ‘Practical’ approach. When core principles are combined with “Practical” implementation, this means that true transformation with lasting change is possible. In this world full of busy-ness and distractions ‘The Successful Woman’ delivers real change measured in a woman's life.

We optimize your personal and business transformation so you can evolve as timeless, elegant, beautiful, powerful, and successful woman. We believe only an empowered woman can create positive change for her family, her career, her community, and the world.

We don't intend to just break glass ceilings - we are designing new buildings by building new Businesses!​

"We value world-class conduct, transparency, and continuous growth - as the cornerstones of success."






CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, Success & Wealth Expert

Ron Malhotra

Ron Malhotra is a Mentor & Advisor to Ambitious Professionals, Visionary Entrepreneurs/Business Builders & Wealth Creators. An Award-Winning Wealth Planner, Influence & Success Expert, Author, Radio Host, International Public Speaker, MD of Maple Tree Wealth, Founder of ‘The Successful Male Global’ & Creator Of The Success Blueprint Program.


Ron Malhotra AFP® PGrad. Bus. ADFS (FP) MBA AFA AChFP is a 5-star rated author, with 3 best sellers & independently voted readers favorite. Ron’s been featured in Forbes, Australian Financial Review, Money Magazine, Smart Investor, Entrepreneur, ABC & more..


All of Ron’s work is to assist others to have a fulfilling career and business success. Ron is passionate about the pursuit of excellence, thought leadership, human potential, influence & insights into psychological brilliance. Enabling people to live better lives & lifestyles is what he does best.



Caroline Vass

Caroline Vass’ career took off in the heavily male-dominated property industry, where she found incredible success on multi-million-dollar developments running her own business. Society kept on telling her she couldn’t have it all, and for a while, Caroline thought that also to be the case. It was a constant juggle of business vs. family.


The chance encounter with Ron Malhotra that set Caroline on an extraordinary new path – one that would see a global vision come into fruition, changing not only her life, but hundreds of thousands of others. And enabling her, to have it all, and more.


It was the revolutionary holistic success education from Ron Malhotra which was the catalyst to Caroline stepping into her power. Ron Malhotra’s belief that without holistic success education, you can’t unleash your inner power, and you’re left in the dark with where your power comes from. When Caroline experienced for herself, the power of Ron Malhotra’s mission to magnify all aspects of your life, she realised how powerful this would be for women globally to equally step out of the shadows and limitations in their life.


When the visionary founder Ron Malhotra identified that there is nothing out there teaching women to be holistically successful, enabling them to become strong and independent, he knew he had to start the movement. With this vision in mind, Caroline knew she could be a leading example of this for women. Through his guidance, Caroline strongly believes that you can have it all, through alignment in your business, ability to contribute to the world, and your family. 


Today, she is the Managing Director of four international brands. Together with Ron Malhotra, they’ve scaled their brands to multi-million-dollar revenue, whilst leading a global team to provide Ron Malhotra’s world class coaching, mentoring and advisory on holistic success. She is happily married, and a mother of two boys.

The global movement every aspiring woman deserves to be a part of.

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