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Raise Your Authority & Exposure

Join a select group of accomplished women who took the path less travelled and share your unique business insights in a custom chapter demonstrating the brilliance of your story and business expertise.

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The Odyssey Project is a compilation collection of the 12 qualities of a successful woman; from facing adversity to creating vision we know every woman has a unique offering to share with the world. Odyssey is designed to feature each author's expertise in business and in life with their mastery of one of these unique qualities.


  • Each author is matched to a specific chapter topic enabling her story to be unique within the overall collection. Topics include:

  • Facing Adversity

  • Practising Faith

  • Building Courage

  • Sustaining Optimism

  • Utilising Intuition

  • Generating Drive

  • ​​Increasing Persistence

  • Developing Discipline

  • Honing Intellect

  • Cultivating Awareness

  • Enhancing Resilience

  • Creating Vision

  • Each author recieves individualised support with crafting her chapter as well as multiple group writting sessions to enhance her peice.

  • Each Chapter is appx 4500 words (3 x the usual length of a compilation chapter).

  • Each author will recieve tailored support with crafting and leveraging an individualised PR plan to maximise your exposure.

  • Speaking and other unique opportunities are available to all participants.

Odyssey new mock up.png


  • Craft your Story

  • 3 x Group sessions (1 x Intro 2 x formal writing sessions)

  • 1 x 30 min Personalised Story Development Session

  • 1 x 60 minute Live Editing

  • Publishing Your Best Seller

  • Guaranteed Amazon Best Seller Imagine what a best seller can do for your brand

  • 1 x Group strategy publicity session, magazines, mainstream and online television shows, mainstream and digital radio stations, and podcasts.

  • Profile building advice to generate sales book and/or services.

  • Social Media Advice to build your profile using the book.

  • 3 x Regular monthly group check-ins to keep you on track.

  • 1 x recorded session about your chapter in Jane Turners Conversation series.

  • Referral to the Women’s Economic Forum to secure international speaking opportunities.



 $3995 USD 

+3%plus stripe fees

+gst for Australian Residents

Option 1 - Pay in Full

Pay a $995 USD today

with a further payment of $3000 USD within 7 days

+gst for Australian Residents


Option 2 - Payment Plan

To receive flexibility with your planning.

Pay a $995 USD today

with a further 4 X payments of $900 USD

+gst for Australian Residents

“But you, brave and adept from this day on . . . there’s hope that you will reach your goal . . . the journey that stirs you now is not far off."

- The Odyssey


Odyssey is an International project for accomplished business women by application only.


When will the Book be released?

Subject to selection of the full list of Authors we aim to start the story writing section in July and complete by October, Publication will be complete by the end of 2023 with unplanned release for the book early in 2024.


How much time will I need to dedicate?

There will be structured sessions scheduled at a time that will suit all participants on an international schedule, which may require some flexibility. In addition to these individual and group sessions you will need to allow time to work on your chapter.  As each author is different it is important to dedicate enough time outside of your ongoing responsibilities to complete your contribution.


Do I need to have written a book before to participate?

You do not need to be a published author in fact this is a great way to begin your journey as an author.  You do need a curiosity and a willingness to learn how to craft a quality chapter.


What type of support will be offered throughout the process?

We have selected 2 exceptional women as specialists to support you throughout the process of the Odyssey Journey, this will fall into 2 stages of delivery.


Initially you will work with Alex Blake from Diamond Stories to craft your story.  At Diamond Stories, Alex guides authors to dig deep into their stories and extract a powerful message, one that perhaps even they are yet to realise. Alex provides expert guidance in narrative structure, editing to support you on your writing journey


In  the second stage  you will work with Jane Turner throughout the publication process to create professionally published co-authored book with international distribution and Amazon Best Seller Status.  Jane will work with you individually and as a group on a profile raising strategy to ensure that you are able to make the most of the opportunities that are available to published authors and to promote yourself, your services, and the book itself.


What are the likely benefits of Participating in the Odyssey Project?

Odyssey offers you an opportunity to showcase your area of expertise in business in a way that will raise your profile generally, add to your authority as a best selling author and open up speaking and other opportunities for you to explore.  As each promotional campaign will vary for each author we expect that the results will also vary depending on where you choose to focus.  Odyssey provides a unique experience to connect with other accomplished women from around the world to collaborate on creating a tailored publication that serves every person in the process.

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