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10 Tips For a Happier Home

Creating a happy home is well worth the effort once you create a sanctuary to your liking. You'll come home to a house that adds to your daily satisfaction, essential when pursuing a happy life. Below are ten tips to help you create a happier home.

#1. Get rid of clutter

Think of it this way. You've had a crazy day at work, had to bear traffic, you may have left some projects incomplete, and the first thing you see when you walk in your front door is clutter. A growing body of evidence shows that clutter can induce stress and negatively affect your mental well-being.

Getting rid of clutter, especially at the front door, helps promote happiness when you arrive home. So make it a habit to clear clutter regularly to avoid feelings of stress. You can do so by removing small bits of clutter each Sunday, so it feels like less of a chore than if you were to do a “spring clean” every few months. Donate old clothes you no longer wear, arrange your cupboards and wardrobes, and put your belongings back in their rightful place.

#2. Label items and belongings

Labelling items in the house make your home happier as it eliminates all the visual noise. It also makes your items easier to find when you’re in a hurry. When you have your clothes or belongings scattered all over your house, it can be stressful trying to find them, especially when you need those things. It can add unnecessary stress to your day.

Also, whenever you organise your belongings in a structured manner, you may find yourself more motivated to put them back in their designated spot.

#3. Use colour to boost your mood

The best way to add vibrancy and life to your house is by using colour. You want to avoid your home looking like a doctor’s waiting room. Whether you want a splash of colour here and there or a more bold, colourful punch, you can find some creative ways to use colour to boost your mood and energy levels.

Some ways to use colour include Painting the front door, flower arrangements, the ceiling or hanging artwork on your walls.

#4. Meditate as you wipe

Meditating as you wipe and clean your home can help boost your happiness. When you meditate, you focus only on the task you're doing right in the present moment. This focus brings inner peace and, in turn, adds to your happiness. If you find your thoughts drifting, bring your thoughts back to the task of wiping. Then after you have finished cleaning, you can bring your focus back to your to-do list with a clearer mind.

#5. Let your house breathe regularly

Never underestimate the power of fresh air to boost your mood. Let your house breathe for fifteen to twenty minutes per day to let stale air escape. Fresh outdoor air is cleaner and increases the quality of your indoor air. The fresh air will leave you feeling happy as it keeps your house fresh.

#6. Create a special place for everyone at home

Creating a special place for everyone at home is one of the ways that you turn your home into a place where everyone wants to be. You can do this by listening to each of your family members’ opinions about what they would like to have in the home, reaching a mutual agreement where everyone is kept happy. These include ornaments, artwork, furniture, or plants.

#7. Make your family goals visible

Making the family goals visible also adds to a happier home. Everyone feels that they're connected and belong in the space you've created. You can make the goals visible by creating a DIY craft of your family goals or buy a black-dry erase board and hang it by your dining table. Making the goals visible also increases the chances of following through on them, and you will become more connected as a family when there is a unified vision.

#8. Activate your senses through music and scent

Activating your senses is one of the quickest ways to make a happier home. We all have five basic senses: smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound. These senses can change our perception and lift our spirits. When you invest in scented candles and put together a playlist of calm, soothing music, or any music that brings you joy, you will likely be happy most of the time.

#9. Make time to get together regularly

As humans are emotional beings that crave connection, we feel more loved, cared for, and understood in what is often a chaotic world. Setting aside time to get together as a family increases overall happiness and satisfaction. Studies have shown that it can help lower stress and anxiety. It also leads to a healthier lifestyle and can lengthen your life span.

#10. Ask for help when you need it

Asking for help when you need it is one way to feel happier. It helps eliminate the stress and frustrations you could have incurred trying to complete the task independently. It will also save you time that you could otherwise spend on other important tasks.

Also, it helps to promote healthier relationships with others when they see they can add value to your life.

The Successful Woman wrap-up

A happier home is just what you need to ease from the pressures of daily life. As soon as you step foot in the door, you want to feel like the world’s weight has fallen off your shoulders. Creating a happier home will help you feel more calm and relaxed, and also help you establish a deeper connection with yourself.


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